Little Dreams Grow Big Rainbow!

Red Shoes Rock honors the FASD pioneers – Patty Munter – Thank you! It takes a spark to get the fire started. Patti Munter was just the Spark needed to start NOFAS In South Dakota, Patti Munter launched a movement to prevent alcohol-exposed pregnancies and give hope to families who had been ignored. Her determinationContinue reading “Little Dreams Grow Big Rainbow!”

Help! We Needed FAS Times.

Red Shoes Rock honors the FASD pioneers – Jocie DeVries – Thank you! This Tower of Power Shone Light in the Darkness of FASD Jocie DeVries: mother, FAS*FRI founder, advocate, visionary. Frantic calls poured into the Washington State Adoption Program in 1991 from overwhelmed and desperate parents trying to raise adoptive children with special needs.Continue reading “Help! We Needed FAS Times.”

Someone had to plant the FAS garden.

Red Shoes Rock honors the FASD pioneers – Dr. Ann Streissguth – Thank you! Ann’s work has blossomed, her seeds have scattered around the globe to help persons grow while living with FASD. The FASD worldwide community is eternally grateful to Ann Streissguth: mother, research scientist, monarch, gentle spirit, honored woman. Ann Streissguth’s gardening beganContinue reading “Someone had to plant the FAS garden.”

Finding Calm in the Chaos of Life

Our next pioneer, Dr. Ann Streissguth, is being released at 9:09 this morning. She is a key researcher that has allowed parents, like Yvonne, Ann and myself to use intentional and proactive positive parenting and caregiving with the individuals we love with FASD. We share this blog first so that people can see the resultsContinue reading “Finding Calm in the Chaos of Life”

Woman Pours Love into Life with FASD

Red Shoes Rock honors the FASD pioneers – Teresa Kellerman – Thank you! A one-woman, Little Engine That Could, created ripples that affected caregiving and FASD in a positive light for the past 20 years. Teresa Kellerman —is a certified FASD trainer for the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, the Native American Alliance Foundation,Continue reading “Woman Pours Love into Life with FASD”

Celebrating 21 Years of FASday

Red Shoes Rock honors the FASD pioneers – Brian Philcox and Bonnie Buxton – Thank you! Parents create first international grassroots movement to celebrate awareness of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders September 9, 1999 at 9:09 am. Our first three pioneers are the founders of FASWorld, Bonnie Buxton and Brian Philcox and the developers of InternationalContinue reading “Celebrating 21 Years of FASday”

Celebrating #FASDay with #RedShoesRock and #tooyoungtodrink – #TargetField #MinnesotaTwins #USA

Oh Yes We Can!  Let’s hit a #homerun for #FASDAwareness and knock it out of the ballpark! Our generation has the power to make a difference for all the children to be born from this day forward alcohol free before birth. Stand with us for sobriety in the womb. And walk with us at #redshoesrock to letContinue reading “Celebrating #FASDay with #RedShoesRock and #tooyoungtodrink – #TargetField #MinnesotaTwins #USA”