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5th Anniversary of Red Shoes Rock

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Around the World in 99 Days

Red Shoes start conversations,
it is just something about red shoes.
– Yvonne Williams

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We are a grassroots movement to build understanding of FASD and increase participation of FASDay International Celebrations on September 9.

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Where have we been? (June 1-30, 2018)

We honor the pioneers of FASD. Their hard work got us where we are today. Let us not lose site of what they discovered to help our journey today.

  1. Bonnie Buxton(FASDay, FASWorld – Parent)
  2. Brian Philcox (FASDay, FASWorld – Parent)
  3. Teresa Kellerman (Best of FASD – Parent)
  4. Bruce Richie (FASlink)
  5. Val Surbey (FASlink – Parent)
  6. Ann Streissguth (Research Washington)
  7. Jocies DeVries (FASTimes/Iceberg – Parent)
  8. Vicky McKinney  (FASTimes/IceBerg)
  9. Linda LeFever  (FASTimes/IceBerg)
  10. Ann Waller  (FASTimes/IceBerg)
  11. Delinda McCann (FASTimes/IceBerg)
  12. Patti Munter (Founder, NOFAS)
  13. Kathy Mitchell (NOFAS – Parent)
  14. Deb Evensen (FAS Alaska – Educator)
  15. Susan Rose (New York City – FASSN – Advocate)
  16. Kee Warner (WhiteCrow Village)
  17. Audrey Salahub (Asante Center – Parent)
  18. Jan Lutke (FASD Connections – Parent)
  19. Hon. Susan Carlson (founder, Mofas)
  20. Pi Nian Chang (FASD Clinic University of Minnesota – Diagnostician)
  21. Kenneth Lyons Jones (Better Beginnings – Researcher/Diagnostician)
  22. Robin LaDue (Journey Through the Healing Circle)
  23. Dr. Paul Lemoine (Discovery)
  24. Dr. Christy Ulleland (Discovery)
  25. Dr. David Smith (Discovery)
  26. Elizabeth “Anne” Russell (Australia family support)
  27. Peggy Oba (FASIN – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Information Network)
  28. Dr. Kathy Sulik (Researcher)
  29. Sue Miers (NOFASD Australia – Parent)
  30. Barb Wybrecht (Parent)
  31. Stay tuned for the next pioneer

And we have taken a history tour

  1. Ancient History
  2. FASD: From the 1600sFASD: From the 1600s
  3. FASD: From the 1700s
  4. FASD: From the 1800s
  5. FASD: From 1900-1926
  6. FASD; From 1927-1938
  7. FASD: From 1941-1950
  8. FASD: From 1956-1973
  9. FASD: From 1974-2006

Where are we now?

We share the latest research, projects and programs empowering persons with FASD. May we use this research and information, along with the knowlege of the past to move forward for the next generation.

Where do we need to go?

Let’s ask the questions, so we can discover new answers.

Join us.
Or if you have someone special you
want to share with the world, let us know who.



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