Red Shoes Rock is an international awareness campaign giving voice and support to those affected by prenatal alcohol exposure

Building FASD Awareness Through Grassroots Efforts

Join our 2021 International Grassroots Campaign

Help the world notice!

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) is one of the world’s largest hidden disabilities. Our 2021 social media campaign will build understanding and provide visibility to #seeFASD.

CLICK THIS LINK TO GET FREE PDF – https://redshoesrockfasd.files.wordpress.com/2021/05/2021-red-shoes-rock-idea-kit1.pdf

Beginning June 1

  • 99 FASD Facts by Yvonne
  • 99 Caregiver Tips by Ann
  • Digging Deeper by Ann
  • International Facebook Page | Group

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Simply LIKE and SHARE our material. Hold a local community event and SHARE it with us. Together we will let the world #seeFASD.

FASD is so MUCH MORE when you know one person with FASD you know ONE person.


Did you find a Red Shoes Rock? Awesome. Hidden in your local community around the world are many individuals who live with prenatal alcohol exposure. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) is the leading cause of intellectual and other lifetime disabilities. Join us! Paint Red Shoes Rock and hide them in the open in your neighborhood. Learn more….


A virtual global community sharing our truth about living with prenatal alcohol exposure to create acceptance and understanding to stop stigma. We are no longer hidden. Follow us on Facebook at Red Shoes Rock FASD Aware


Creating 90 Minute Documentary – We are passionate parents concerned about the skepticism surrounding this issue and the stigma placed on our amazingly creative kids. We are experienced filmmakers with a drive for FASD awareness that will make a difference…please take time to read the Executive Summary.

  • Build FASD awareness
    • Outreach to the world through social media.
    • Share stories of real people with real lives.
    • Share current FASD Facts.
    • Tell the truth.

I am normal for me.
I was born like this.
Yes, I am different from you.

Liz Kulp



Better Endings New Beginnings began in 1986 as a social initiative to be a voice for the voiceless.

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Better Endings New Beginnings in alliance with organizations throughout the world – like, share, and grow Red Shoes Rock.

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