Ripe Time to Connect FASD Pieces

Red Shoes Rock honors the FASD pioneers - Dr. Paul Lemoine, Dr. Christy Ulleland, Dr. David Smith - Thank you! For over 100 years physicians had known that alcohol crossed the placenta. And many believed children of problem drinkers had defects related to poor genetic stock rather than to alcohol exposure. Historically, there were seasons … Continue reading Ripe Time to Connect FASD Pieces

Dedicated Mums Matter – Australia

RED SHOES ROCK SHOUTS OUT TO SUE MIERS THANK YOU! Sue’s compassion and voice helped many around the world. The week of September 11, 2001, I presented Fetal Alcohol in Australia along with a five-day program for foster carers and adoptive parents on living through allegations. Both issues remain vibrant and alive in our respective … Continue reading Dedicated Mums Matter – Australia

99 Ideas for FASDay Preparation

International FASDay arrives on the 9th month on the 9th hour on the 9th minute as bells ring out with a moment of silence around the world. The International Red Shoes Rock FASD Aware Alliance is a world-wide group of grassriitindividuals, communities and organizations joining together to Start the Conversation about the realities of fetal … Continue reading 99 Ideas for FASDay Preparation

2020 Red Shoes Rock Downloads – #4 More Flyers

A special thank you to Cathy Bruer-Thompson, is a retired, Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Board Vice-President (now Pr%f Alliance), Special Needs Adoption Trainer. Both Ann Yurcek and Jodee Kulp are thankful to Cathy for helping us increase our families. Looking to find the 2020 Artwork for your Red Shoe Rock Events and Swag … Continue reading 2020 Red Shoes Rock Downloads – #4 More Flyers