A = AWARENESS – Small Step Fun

written by Jodee Kulp First, realize that DOING NOTHING can be healthy. If you need to simply stare out the window for a while and breath that is okay. If you need to cry it is okay. I have ranted at the heavens. You are alive, you made it. The past is behind you. YouContinue reading “A = AWARENESS – Small Step Fun”

A = AWARENESS – Self Care Part 3

Written by Jodee Kulp Intense Caregiving – My Story When my daughter’s medical challenges increased; and more of her body systems failed. There was no feeling in her arms or legs and her 3 words were hhh (help), mmm (mom), and iii (ice). Her body’s heart still beat. Her lungs still breathed. FASD became theContinue reading “A = AWARENESS – Self Care Part 3”

A = AWARENESS Self Care – Part 2

Written by Jodee Kulp The demands of special needs care giving can be unrelenting and can take a toll on the caregiver’s physical and emotional health over time. Therefore, it is important for caregivers to prioritize their own self-care and seek support from others to prevent burnout. Caregiver burnout is a state of physical, emotional,Continue reading “A = AWARENESS Self Care – Part 2”

A = AWARENESS – Home Business Tips

Run a Business as a New Parent with These Essential Strategies Written by Tilda Moore This article is one of many informative pieces available to read at Redshoesrock.com. So many families of children with special needs begin home businesses to provide income and allow for supervision and support of their beloved children. We are happyContinue reading “A = AWARENESS – Home Business Tips”

Warrior Mother Takes on FASD

Red Shoes Rock honors the FASD pioneer – Birth Mom,Warrior Mom, Karli’s Mom Kathy Mitchell – Thank you! Moms who drink while pregnant need Hope. Kathy is the sword of truth that cuts through the darkness. Shared by Jodee Kulp I met Kathy Mitchell at the FASD Teen Adult Camp in Michigan in 2004. ThisContinue reading “Warrior Mother Takes on FASD”