AWARENESS – Home Business Tips

Run a Business as a New Parent with These Essential Strategies Written by Tilda Moore This article is one of many informative pieces available to read at So many families of children with special needs begin home businesses to provide income and allow for supervision and support of their beloved children. We are happyContinue reading “AWARENESS – Home Business Tips”

C=COMPASSION – Wellbriety

Non-Native recovery approaches often look at addiction as an individual disease, ignoring the social, political, or economic roots of addiction. The indigenous experience adds a dimension of acknowledging sociopolitical causes without removing an individual’s need to do the hard work it takes to heal. This is new, culturally specific thinking that can also add toContinue reading “C=COMPASSION – Wellbriety”

C=COMPASSION – Translate!

Translating the world for a person with fetal alcohol BEING A “COGNITIVE” TRANSLATOR. Written by Jodee Kulp Jodee has been a tireless advocate for persons with FASD since 1997, and she continues to pioneer new ways of quality of life improvement. She is the behind-the-scenes engine of Red Shoes Rock and developer of the ExpandingContinue reading “C=COMPASSION – Translate!”


By Jodee Kulp with Ann Yurcek What is DEVELOPMENTAL FLUIDITY? Development is variable as we grow – when you first learned to ride a bike you fell off – when you first learn to walk you had to get back up… When you first learn to spell you forget…. when you first learn to readContinue reading “Why do we say DEVELOPMENTAL FLUIDITY with FASD?”