Finding Calm in the Chaos of Life

Our next pioneer, Dr. Ann Streissguth, is being released at 9:09 this morning. She is a key researcher that has allowed parents, like Yvonne, Ann and myself to use intentional and proactive positive parenting and caregiving with the individuals we love with FASD.

We share this blog first so that people can see the results in thinking because of the next pioneer and her colleagues. Thank you.

Red Shoes Rock is grateful for the writing of Yvonne Williams. Thank you for these today. #FASD.

Excerpt from Yvonne’s Blog (READ FULL BLOG HERE)

I’m simply going to revel in this moment. Enjoy and treasure it. We need to celebrate the small successes, which for our children (and adults) can be big milestones. I’ve told her how proud I am of her. I’ve asked her how she feels about what she is accomplishing and encourage her to be proud of herself. And I always remind her how far she has come and she will continue to move forward.

She may not be where a “typical” nineteen year old is, but she is where she is, and that is fine with me, and it should be fine with everyone else.

We both continue to grow and learn.

via Finding Calm in the Chaos of Life

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