Did the ground hog see his shadow? Ask us.

It’s Ground Hogs Day – and the answer to did the ground hog see his shadow? Is…. Well that depends on where you live – so I guess the answer is variable. And that’s what happens with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders – the results are variable and most of the results are hidden – comingContinue reading “Did the ground hog see his shadow? Ask us.”

Happy Over the Hump of Winter – #Redshoesrock for #FASD

Heart Warming… Happy February 1 – we are over the hump of cold weather and winter – though the next two months can be exciting it always feels like there will soon be springtime. Thank you to all the families and friends and professionals whose hearts love and work hard to understand the life challengesContinue reading “Happy Over the Hump of Winter – #Redshoesrock for #FASD”

Celebrating #FASDay with #RedShoesRock and #tooyoungtodrink – #TargetField #MinnesotaTwins #USA

Oh Yes We Can!  Let’s hit a #homerun for #FASDAwareness and knock it out of the ballpark! Our generation has the power to make a difference for all the children to be born from this day forward alcohol free before birth. Stand with us for sobriety in the womb. And walk with us at #redshoesrock to letContinue reading “Celebrating #FASDay with #RedShoesRock and #tooyoungtodrink – #TargetField #MinnesotaTwins #USA”