Celebrating #FASDay with #RedShoesRock and #tooyoungtodrink – #TargetField #MinnesotaTwins #USA

ToYoungToDrink1-eTooYoungToDrink-2aOh Yes We Can!

 Let’s hit a #homerun for #FASDAwareness and knock it out of the ballpark!

Our generation has the power to make a difference for all the children to be born from this day forward alcohol free before birth.

Stand with us for
sobriety in the womb.

And walk with us at #redshoesrock to let people
know #tooyoungtodrink2014 is real.

We’re gonna win #Twins.
We’re gonna let the next generation score!

For more information visit:
www.tooyoungtodrink.org and access complete press kit.

#RedShoesRock would like to thank all the people around the world
who chose to walk with us August 9-September 9.

Happy International FASDay!
September 9, 2014

We believe in LiveAbilities and can do living.
We believe in people living with FASD.

Visit us on Facebook –
“Like” our page TooYoungToDrink and RedShoesRock

targetfield-tooyoungtodrink LizShannon

Oh Yes We Did!
Come on #Minnesota Twins and #Target
We challenge you to
support us in 2015 for #FASDAwareness.

No child should have to live a lifetime
of #fetalalcohol challenges.

We have the power to short stop this!
Let’s make next year a #WorldSeries #GrandSlam!

#TargetField #Minneapolis #USA

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