Day 7 – #Redshoesrock Visibility for #FASD – #Treasures from FASD Think Tank

redshoesheart-HashtagTreasures from the FASD Think Tank

I love my daughter’s ability to help me see the world from a different perspective, her ability of picking up on nuances of how one is feeling, her play on words: “egg-xactly” “egg-traordinary” and exclaiming “That is MY joke!” (Kathy)


My husband is loving, kind to us no matter what, has a great sense of humor, always tries to do better, can laugh at himself and tries to help with ALL the chores, not just the ones he likes (Peggy)

I challenged myself to come up with twenty things I love about my son (and it was fairly easy to do):

My son is over age 20! (Victoria)

1. his smile and laughter 

2. his friendship 

3. his ‘child whisperer’ abilities 

4. his music and dancing 

5. his ability to forgive

6. his ability to research the internet for ‘deals’, comparison shop and find the best deals before he makes a purchase

7. his ability to instantaneously work almost any electronic device

8. his wonderful compliance in taking supplements and NR exercises when mom asks/asked

9. his creativity and unusual/unique way of looking at the world; and opening my eyes to this uniqueness

10. his voracious appetite and his culinary expertise

11. his bravery….it takes this to live in a world that is often unkind to him

12. his eagerness to share….evident since he was very young

13. his brilliance at learning . . .all the things he is interested in.

14. his ability to sometimes know what he is not ready for (eg., not ready to drive)

15. his ability to recite movie dialogue and passages from books, like a savant (both wonderful and scary)

16. his realization that if he’s carrying cash, he will spend it but if it’s in the bank, he’s careful and willing to save it

17. his kindness

18. his love of animals

19. his love of jokes and plays on words

20. his artistic talents

I love my daughter’s view of the world, she provides me with a truth I would have never understood and people I would never have known. (Jodee)


Text above has been excerpted from
“Best I Can Be – Living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders by Liz Kulp”

Published by jodeekulp

Jodee Kulp, is an award-winning author, producer and advocate who works tirelessly to serve children and families of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). Her behavioral work in understanding canine fear and applying it to helping adults gain life skills is momumental and parallels our work with EAGALA Equine Therapy. It will be exciting to watch this progress. - Chris Troutt, Papillion Center Current Projects include: Pearlz Work Embraced Movement PraiseMoves LIFT (Laughter in Fitness Training) LiveAbilities Red Shoes Rock. Stop FASD PawZup Life Stories

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