Celebrating #FASDay with #RedShoesRock and #tooyoungtodrink – #TargetField #MinnesotaTwins #USA

Oh Yes We Can!  Let’s hit a #homerun for #FASDAwareness and knock it out of the ballpark! Our generation has the power to make a difference for all the children to be born from this day forward alcohol free before birth. Stand with us for sobriety in the womb. And walk with us at #redshoesrock to letContinue reading “Celebrating #FASDay with #RedShoesRock and #tooyoungtodrink – #TargetField #MinnesotaTwins #USA”

Day 7 – #Redshoesrock Visibility for #FASD – #Treasures from FASD Think Tank

Treasures from the FASD Think Tank I love my daughter’s ability to help me see the world from a different perspective, her ability of picking up on nuances of how one is feeling, her play on words: “egg-xactly” “egg-traordinary” and exclaiming “That is MY joke!” (Kathy)   My husband is loving, kind to us noContinue reading “Day 7 – #Redshoesrock Visibility for #FASD – #Treasures from FASD Think Tank”

Day 6 – #Redshoesrock Visibility for #FASD – We’re spreading #GoodNews

That’s right “Good News” about #FASD… You got to be kidding. Well guess what folks we are not… There are many treasures locked inside persons living with the challenges and complications of fetal alcohol… as parents and caregivers and friends and the community we can make a difference. We need you! Children with brain injuryContinue reading “Day 6 – #Redshoesrock Visibility for #FASD – We’re spreading #GoodNews”

Day 5 – #Redshoesrock Visibility for #FASD – Sometimes we need #Spiderman Slippers!

When you are born with a brain that works different from the rest of the world, it doesn’t take long before you start noticing – even when you are little that something is wrong – and maybe that wrong is with you… and you think… I try really really really hard to be good andContinue reading “Day 5 – #Redshoesrock Visibility for #FASD – Sometimes we need #Spiderman Slippers!”

Day 4 – #Redshoesrock Visibility for #FASD – September is #FetalAlcohol Awareness Month

Write a PSA! Or use one that already exists – September is Fetal Alcohol Awareness Month – so share this wonderful PSA with friends – or take a look at some of the other great PSA’s online – most of the people working with FASD Awareness willingly share – This was created by a 2009Continue reading “Day 4 – #Redshoesrock Visibility for #FASD – September is #FetalAlcohol Awareness Month”

Day 3 – #Redshoesrock Visibility for #FASD – It will take a world of change

 There is still time to get a plan together for 9.9 at 9:09 or simply step with us up to International FASDay.  Bells Ring at 9:00 – and then a Minute of Reflection at 9:09 am Everyone participating in FAS Day is invited to share in the “Minute of Reflection” 9:09 a.m. on September 9, asContinue reading “Day 3 – #Redshoesrock Visibility for #FASD – It will take a world of change”

Day 2 – #Redshoesrock Visibility for #FASD – 60 FREE Ideas to Create a #FASDay Event

60 FASDay Ideas for Mac’s Sake International FASDay arrives on the 9th month on the 9th hour on the 9th minute as a moment of silence in thought of persons with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders or with a louder announcement of public awareness with one of these 60 great ideas to get you started forContinue reading “Day 2 – #Redshoesrock Visibility for #FASD – 60 FREE Ideas to Create a #FASDay Event”

Day 1 – #RedShoesRock for #FASD Visibility

Welcome to all who are participating in this first ever “Let’s Get Visible” campaign. Life is hard… but I won’t quit! What does it mean to be a person living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders? … It is the infant who is unable to suck and tolerates most infant formulas and is failure to thrive,Continue reading “Day 1 – #RedShoesRock for #FASD Visibility”

Welcome to Red Shoes Rock where Visibility Stops FASD

  9 for 9.9 Red Shoe Rock Challenge Put on a pair of Red Shoes and walk, run, swim, work, shop or wheel ROCK out the invisibility of FASD for 9 Miles or 9 kilometers before International FASDay on September 9. This is a virtual challenge so you are on your own. Description 9 DayContinue reading “Welcome to Red Shoes Rock where Visibility Stops FASD”

Kicking off “RED SHOES ROCK – STOP #FASD” Campaign Today

Originally posted on FASD WITH HOPE:
The countdown to September 9, 2014 has started and Better Endings New Beginnings and Flying with Broken Wings decided we needed a quality kick off to up the momentum around the world. So FASD Survivor Navigator RJ Formanek, Liz Kulp, Sam Guerrido and Jodee Kulp joined forces to begin…