Organizing and creating a collaborative unified voice of FASD prevention and support Kathleen Tavenner Mitchell National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS), Washington, DC, USA Objectives: NOFAS has successfully organized 41 national and international affiliates. NOFAS serves as a liaison to all federal agencies that address FASD, FASD researchers and has partnerships with key professional groups suchContinue reading “NOFAS”

It took a judge’s eye (and heart).

Red Shoes Rock honors the FASD pioneer – Juvenile Judge Hon. Susan Carlson – Thank you! Susan Shepard Carlson is founder of the Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, a retired Hennepin County judicial officer and former first lady of Minnesota.   Twenty years ago, the Hon. Susan Carlson, JD had a big idea: toContinue reading “It took a judge’s eye (and heart).”

Meet Christopher – #46 of 90 Real People. Real Lives. #FASD

Originally posted on FASD WITH HOPE:
MEET CHRISTOPHER – I am passionate about music: creating, discovering and sharing the positive benefits it has for people with developmental disabilities, especially those with an FASD diagnosis. I am fascinated with the brain, how it works and how music effects it. I love animals, museums, go karts, theatrical…

Meet Chanel – #42 of 90 Real People. Real Lives. #FASD

Originally posted on FASD WITH HOPE:
My name is Chanel Torres. I was born with FAS. My mission is to help those who are living and dealing with FAS and to stop FAS in unborn babies. To do this, I spend my free time giving presentations at local schools, hospitals, Juvenile Detention Centers, nursing programs…