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Tips and Ideas for Beginning a Home Business

Run a Business as a New Parent with These Essential Strategies

Written by Tilda Moore

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So many families of children with special needs begin home businesses to provide income and allow for supervision and support of their beloved children.

We are happy to offer some ideas and tips.

How do you start a business as a new parent?

While there are many answers to the question, there are a few key universal elements. Practicing self-care to reduce stress, figuring out a schedule that works for both you and the baby, and utilizing all the various tools and resources available to you are three of the most important, but you can also come up with a few strategies for your own and see which ones work best. Sometimes trial and error is the only way to determine which direction you should head in. Here are a few tactics you can try as you work to get your business up off the ground and spend quality time with your baby.

Stay comfortable

Running a business is hard work, and the first year of parenthood–while joyful–is often exhausting. Staying comfortable and finding clothing that makes you feel great about yourself is crucial, so look for soft, stretchy tees, supportive nursing bras, and cute leggings that take you from naptime to running errands.

It’s also a good idea to ensure you have plenty of back support at your desk, during feeding times, and when you’re sleeping. Learn a few stretching exercises you can do from any position, which can take some pressure off your neck and shoulders. Invest in an adjustable, comfortable chair for work, and look for supportive memory foam pillows to help you get solid rest every night.

Use the right tools

Staying comfy can help you reduce stress, but using the right tools for parenting and running your business is also important. There are so many online resources available for small business owners that you can DIY just about anything, including creating a logo for marketing or even your own invoices to ensure your customers pay on time. Billing is made much faster with an invoice maker, and you can choose from several templates that make the process even smoother.

When figuring out a new schedule with the baby, using tools like an app to keep track of feeding times and diaper changes can go a long way, especially during those 5 a.m. wakeups.

Give yourself peace of mind.

The right tools can be majorly beneficial as you get things up and running, but there are other ways to make life a little easier for yourself. Your business structure, for instance, can provide protection for your assets while giving you tax benefits at the end of the year. There are several options to choose from, but one of the most common is a limited liability company, which requires less paperwork than some other structures and gives more flexibility. Every state has its own steps to follow, but you can simplify the process even more–and save some money–by hiring a formation service to file instead of an attorney.

Find a routine that works for you.

As a new entrepreneur and a new parent, you may start comparing yourself to others doing similar things, but finding a routine that works for you and your family is essential. If it’s most comfortable for you to set up a play/sleep area for the baby in your office, go ahead! If you’re a night owl who likes getting things done when everyone else in the house is asleep, do what you must do. Remember to do self-care by not neglecting your body and mind during this time. Ask for help from your partner, friends, or family members when you need it in order to avoid burnout.

Becoming a business owner and a parent at the same time can be overwhelming if you’re unprepared, so think about how you can make both processes as smooth as possible. Plan ahead, stay organized and utilize all the tools at your disposal to enjoy this time as an entrepreneur and a parent.

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