Welcome to Red Shoes Rock where Visibility Stops FASD


walkinmyshoes9 for 9.9
Red Shoe Rock Challenge

Put on a pair of Red Shoes and walk, run, swim, work, shop or wheel ROCK out the invisibility of FASD for 9 Miles or 9 kilometers before International FASDay on September 9. This is a virtual challenge so you are on your own.

  1. 9 Day Challenge – September 1-9  Make some forward motion of 9 Miles or 9 Kilometers in 9 Days
  2. 31 Day Challenge – August 9-September 9 – 350 people committed to make some forward motion of 9 Miles or 9 Kilometers in 31 Days
When someone comments on your shoes -TELL THEM ABOUT FASD! And why you are wearing them.
OK everyone – Time to Run – Walk or Wheel. Let’s get our MOVE ON!!
– Rock out invisibility
– Rock out stigma
– Share an important message
– Have some fun!
We believe we can Rock Out FASD – so put on a pair of RED SHOES and share your Rock Out photos for the next 30 days on our FACEBOOK page -LIKE our page and SHARE our page – Let’s get some movement going – Get your Red Shoe Rock On!


Include these hashtags in your tweets or your photos on instagram include:

  • #redshoesrock
  • #fasd
  • #049
  • #fetal alcohol
  • #liveabilities

Visit our hashtag sites to see what is being tweeted:

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