Why Red?

RedShoesRock-Together-Bumper-Sticker-Banner-2017Why Rock in Red?

There are tens of thousands of people and their families living with FASD who:

  • Need friends and understanding.
  • Need support to live safely in our communities.
  • Need to participate in life and have purpose.

The color RED often signifies life!

  • Red signals stop and take immediate action.
  • Red is a warm, strong and positive color. 
  • Red is energizing and stands out.

Red excites emotions and motivates us to take action!

Red signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities. Red promotes ambition and determination. Red is strong-willed and can give confidence to those who are shy or lacking in willpower.

MacShoesFor Mac’s Sake – Let’s do it!

Jump on board – try for 9 km in 9 days to swim, shop, work, walk, run, drive in your red shoes…

June 1 through September 9.
Join us!

Like Us and SHARE our materials with friends, media, and family.

It’s all about fun and spreading awareness!

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