Why Red Shoes?

Red Shoes? I am Rocking them, but why Red? Where did this all start?

Now, that is a good question!

RJ Formanek, the founder of the very successful Facebook support group for adults with FASD called Flying with Broken Wings. 

RJ Formanek is an adult with FASD and he decided to wear RED SHOES to stand out, be noticed, and have some fun starting the FASD conversation with strangers in 2013. Back then it was all about:

  1. Turning invisibility into visibility
  2. Creating conversation
  3. Changing stigma into understanding and acceptance

in 2014, Jodee Kulp, from Better Endings New Beginnings, a graphic designer and parent of adult with FASD stepped in to help him build visibility and get the word out – she has continued to be the Little Engine That Could behind this grassroots all-volunteer movement. The goal was to build awareness and momentum to celebrate FASDay. We hoped Red Shoes would help more people notice International FASDay on September 9.

More people joined us!

In 2015, Ann Yurcek of Parenting Complex Children and her son, Mackie, who loves red shoes, jumped on board. With the Yurcek help we have been able to build visibility for our Littles (the children living with FASD).

Mac is having fun becoming an advocate and running around the world in his red shoes with his big plastic globe spreading awareness.

Meanwhile, RJ jazzed up the Social Media momentum – Go, Dude!

In 2016, we designed the realpeople.realmindz.com campaign to give more adults an advocacy voice. These adults who live with FASD have become empowered to be an International voice to help professionals and caregivers understand living with FASD.

Johan Wiklander, Sweden offered his realmindz.com website so that we could host our project.

Yvonne Williams, Canada marched 900 kilometers and blogged her Red Shoe Journey.

Sam Guerrido, Good Fruit Camp Productions joined us to create some short videos.

RJ, Jodee, Ann, and Mac kept working hard to make this happen.

in 2017, we did the same for realfamilies.realmindz.com. The idea behind it was to have some fun while advocating on a misunderstood and serious subject that families face when caregiving individuals with FASD. These families bravely stepped out to share so that others hidden in the shadows of this disability realized they are not alone.

Yvonne Williams, blogger of Our Sacred Breath walked along side us for the 99 days of the campaign sharing facts, information and educating about FASD with the world.

FAFASD, (Family Affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders) joined us and SHARED lovely FREE artwork and introduced RED SHOES ROCK to ROCK PAINTING. Thank You.

FASWorld, Brian Philcox got the city of Toronto to light up RED on September 9, 2017. We love you Brian Philcox, Bonnie Buxton, and Teresa Kellerman for getting this FASDAY party started in 1998.

FASD Parent & Caregiver Support Group of Hamilton, Ontario hosted a Red Shoes Rock Walk with 60-70 participants in London, Ontarios. Special thank you to Mark, SavAnna, and of course, Sasha, her service dog!

Mac instigated a Red Shoe Rock and Roll for FASD 5K in Lancaster, Wisconsin on September 9 with a start time of 9:09 am as the church bells tolled. This year he is hoping for more friends and maybe a few penguins.

RJ, Jodee, Ann, Sam, and Johan kept working hard behind the scenes and in front of the scenes to make this happen.

Our 2018 campaign is even more fun!

  • Share our past
  • Stand strong on our present
  • Reach for understanding
  • Change the future.

RedShoesRock-FlipFlopsLimited $$$ for RED SHOES? – Red Flip Flops, Red Socks, Red Shoelaces and Red Toenails all qualify. Or simply join us to participate in the FUN

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