Red Shoes Rock International Alliance

We are excited to add our alliances and their connections to our team. This is about working together and sharing. Through international grassroots efforts in 2018 we reached over 15 million people on social media through Red Shoes Rocks and THAT does not include all the reaches of our volunteer alliance partners on Red Shoes Rock FASD Aware’s behalf.

If you are joining us in any Red Shoes Rock FASD Awareness project – let us know and we will list you (individuals are welcome) or/and your organization.


Introducing our two instigators

  1. International Red Shoes Rock Alliance (International)
  2. Better Endings New Beginnings (Minnesota, USA)
  3. Flying with Broken Wings (Ontario, Canada)
RJ Formanek – founder of Flying with Broken Wings and concept originator of Red Shoes Rock. Flying with Broken Wings is a Facebook group that is over 5000 members strong – living, loving, learning and laughing together on this FAScinating journey of living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.
Jodee Kulp – is a parent and co-founder of International Red Shoes Rock Alliance, always trying to look on the bright side of complex issues she took on the Red Shoes Rock initial challenge to add some FUN into our stepping out to have conversations about FASD. Jodee is the executive director of Better Endings New Beginnings, a PawZup canine instructor and leader for Tinkergarten.

LiveAbilities provides hope for children, teens, and adults living, laughing, learning and loving through the challenges before birth — including alcohol exposure Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) and other toxins. We believe there are many opportunities to improve level of functioning, health and well-being even in adults. We understand these are whole-body conditions and can include other genetic vulnerabilities or environmental triggers.

The founding team – These people make Red Shoes Rock Possible

Parenting Complex Children (Wisconsin, USA)
It’s Mackies World (Wisconsin, USA)

Ann Yurcek, CEO of Parenting Complex Children and her family of twelve plus now grandchild, along with her community of Lancaster Wisconsin has embraced Mackie. Mac is growing up as a very real part of the local school and community while the whole area learns about FASD. Mac’s adventures can be found at her Mackies World facebook page and Its Mackies World website. Ann runs the Parenting FASD Kids Facebook group – a positive spin on parenting, living, loving and surviving FASD with over 6000 members.

Our Sacred Breath (Ontario, Canada)

Our Sacred Breath by Yvonne Williams is about finding calm in the chaos of FASD. It is the journey of my adopted daughter and myself through the challenges and triumphs of raising a child with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.  Mixed in are facts and links to resources.

GUD Fruit Camp Productions (Minnesota, USA)

The idea for Live Abilities came along first in 2010 while I was working at the M.O.A. at Finish Line where I had the pleasure of meeting Gucci Mane the famous rapper I was inspired to build my own brand, I was blessed with this GUD Fruit Camp when my wife & bestie was fighting for her life in the ICU at HCMC in the Summer of 2014 and GOD bestowed upon me the ideas for Mass Media Ministry Advancing the Kingdom at the Speed of Light & so by blessing me with G.F.C. which is the nickname I gave to my church home Power Source Ministries “home of the Holy Rollers” & everything I do is spiritually organic, meaning I receive directions and I carry them out, if you couldn’t tell I’m all about my fathers’ business because I give GOD all the glory end of story!!
Check out my shows GUD Fruit Camp Productions
The What’s GUD Show & Twin Cities Da VIBE

Real Mindz (Sweden)

Johan Wiklander searches for the mindset of successful parenting, to create self-sufficient kids with an inner motivation of their own regardless of their challenges and strengths. He strives to break the privacy and taboo talking about topics around parenting + providing a framework and coaching in personal growth for children.

Snapping Turtle Photography (North Dakota, USA)

Tina Kostad loves taking fun and unique photos and we are blessed to have her and her family with us at Red Shoes Rock. Photos are snapshots of our memories. Where time may forgot, a photo will always tell a story.

International Alliance Members

Hope & Rescue Foundation (Minnesota, USA)

Hope & Rescue Foundation (HRF) is a Federal 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit established to address Human Trafficking and the drivers that feed this social ill, including mental health. HRF leverages media production to bring awareness to these issues. Once awareness has been established, educational aspects are initiated via strong alliances and collaboration in order to help close gaps in the given issues HRF is addressing.

In the case of FASD, HRF established an awareness project called Embraced. The Embraced project encompasses: a feature-length documentary, educational segments, and community/public events to help reduce the stigma associated with FASD. Theatre rentals will be used during the film’s release for these events. HRF has included in the project’s fundraising budget an ongoing collaboration component to help fill gaps for supporting the FASD community longterm/after the film’s release. Hope & Rescue Foundation is excited to be part of the Red Shoes Rock alliance.

Sam In A Can [Production] (Minnesota, USA)

Sam In A Can (SIAC) is a film production company that has been commissioned
by Hope & Rescue Foundation to produce the Embraced project.
The owners of SIAC have a 16 year old son who has ARND & ASD.

SIAC is impassioned with the mission and production of Embraced and the catalyst for change it will potentially have for the prevention and understanding of FASD. Sam In A Can is excited to be part of the Red Shoes Rock alliance.

Families Affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (USA)

Families Affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and the Facebook Shifting the Paradigm group is about changing our focus in caring for people who have FASDs from trying to change unwanted behaviors after they happen to instead, see behavior as a symptom as what is going on in the brain. To “change” behavior, then, we will need to step back, observe, and accommodate the person with FASD by applying an environmental change, thus preventing unwanted behaviors and emotional distress. This is sometimes referred to as the “NB method,” or the “neurobehavioral approach.” NB = neurobehavioral and it’s the idea that brain function is directly connected to behavior. Essentially, brain = behavior.

FASD Communities (Hawaii, USA)

FASD Communities is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing supportive housing, vocational opportunities and life skills to young adults across the U.S. affected by fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD).

Our team of volunteers has unparalleled expertise in education, business, finance, communications and healthcare—but our real credentials are as parents or close friends of this population. After years of safety and stability at home, we have watched too many of our children end up on the streets, chronically unemployed, in trouble with the law and victimized as they struggle in their transition to adulthood.
Our solution is Supportive Housing.

NoFASD Australia (Australia)

The National Organisation for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (NOFASD) Australia is the peak national organisation supporting families with FASD. NOFASD Australia is a family-focused organisation and is the essential bridge linking those with lived experience with researchers and clinicians. Connecting individual and family experiences with service providers and researchers enables NOFASD to be a strong and effective voice for individuals and families, while supporting initiatives across Australia to promote prevention, diagnosis, intervention and management. They run a FASD helpline, deliver training, develop resources, and provide up to date information to families and professionals.
NOFASD has recognised FASD Day since it’s beginning in 1999, and is proud to be stepping out as an ally in the Red Shoes Rock movement. The NOFASD website provides a range of resources, ideas, and an information pack for International FASD Awareness Day.

Brain Awareness Week (BAW) partner (Dana Foundation, New York, USA)

Every March, BAW unites the efforts of partner organizations worldwide in a celebration of the brain for people of all ages. Activities are limited only by the organizers’ imaginations and include open days at neuroscience labs; exhibitions about the brain; lectures on brain-related topics; social media campaigns; displays at libraries and community centers; classroom workshops; and more.


International Red Shoes Rock Alliance – LIKE US, SHARE US, HOST EVENTS TO BUILD FASD AWARENESS and HAVE FUN – No fees. No Spam. Simply provide information below, a link to your website or pages and send your photo or logo and we will add you to our page.

We are all in this together as a World Neighborhood!

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