About Us

9 Easy Challenges to Get Started


Red Shoes Rock One Step at a Time!

International Red Shoes Rock FASD Aware Alliance is a global grassroots group of committed individuals working together to break down stigma, enhance the lives of persons living with FASDs and build awareness of prenatal alcohol exposure. We stand together with friends, in families, in our communities, in our countries and with the whole world. We C.A.R.E.

It will take all our global neighbors to change FASD Awareness – we are in this together

Walk with us at Red Shoes Rock – FASD Aware.

We Move! We Talk! We Share.

Red Shoes Rock for FASD is an International Awareness Movement – It only takes 9 rolls, 9 steps, 9 kicks, 9 nods, 9 waves, 9 blinks, 9 km or 9 miles a day. Join us in movement!


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  • Walk, Run or Wheel 9 or 90 Km or Miles in 90 Days!
  • We believe we can Rock Out Awareness of Fetal Alcohol in a positive spirit!

1. Put on a pair of RED SHOES

2. Share your Rock Out photos for the next 90 days on our page

3. When someone asks about your shoes – TELL THEM ABOUT FASD!!!!

4. Share our page – share our messages – share the fun…


  • Join friends and try a local event – check our ALL these FUN IDEAS
  • Use any of our FREE ART to make your own materials
  • Download our flyers and add your own local information


  • Celebrate September 9 – Together we ALL made a difference if each one of us reaches even just one new pertson.
  1. Ready — Set —- It’s time to go…
  2. Let’s get our MOVE ON!!
  3. LIKE our page and SHARE – Let’s get some movement going – Get your Red Shoe Rock On!

One thought on “About Us

  1. Thanks RJ for getting this movement started. Without your idea to make FASD and its challenges visible with Red Shoes we would not all be united togethers. Love that the conversations could begin in loving and fun ways simply by having someone say, “Love those Red Shoes?” And we answer, “Do you know why I wear Red Shoes?” And so the conversations begin all around the world.


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