5K Rock ‘n Roll for FASD

Last year’s walks were held in London, Ontario, Canada and Georgia, North Carolina, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, California, USA. It’s Fun!

Mac-Red-Shoe-Rock-n-RollLancaster WI – Red Shoes Rock Walk. – Our family is blessed to have a circle of caring people who walk with us. Together we help Mac and Dee be unstoppable. We picked up a few recruits along our walk today and educated them about FASD. We started small with
12 people stepping out of the shadows holding our heads high picked up 5 recruits along the way, 5 pairs of dog feet counts each as two pairs of feet taking steps out to Spread Awareness about FASD joining with Darlin Dee and the Canadian team in Ontario, London.

Spread some FASD Awareness by just going for a walk on FAS Day.
Take some steps as a family mark this day as a step forward.
FASD is hopeless no more. Together we are UNSTOPPABLE.

The Yurcek Tribe and friends are joining Mackie in Spreading Awareness for FASD from all parts of the various places we are walking for FASD, joined by a few friends wherever they are on this FASD DAY joining the folks in Canada with Darlin Dee.

Go for a walk today and spread some FASD awareness as a family and come back and add where you walked for FASD to add to Mackie’s Map.

Links to help you do your 5K

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