Wondering whose behind the scenes

We are the little red engine that could and we ROCK with the belief that we can STOMP out the stigma of Fetal Alcohol and have fun while we do!

RJMeet R.J. Formanek on Facebook he is the chief cook and bottle washer or instigator of the virtual support group Flying with Broken Wings. He is also the creator of the RED SHOE MOVEMENT.  (FASD Support Page FLYING WITH BROKEN WINGS)

R.J. explains his own Broken Wings, to help people understand. I hope these words will suffice.

It’s true, my wings have been broken that I can not deny.
Early on in
life they were clipped
“for my own good”
and I could not fly.

I could see those around me
who could fly as easily as thinking,
but every time I would try and fly,
it was the ground rushing up to meet me.

Impact is never fun.
Frankly, it hurts.
My wings are not beautiful.
My wings have deep scars, and perhaps they don’t work perfectly.

Some people only see my ugly wings.
But my wings are STRONG
my wings are good and
they will carry me to the Heavens and beyond.

They are good wings.
They are mine.

I have learned the hard way to
Fly with Broken Wings…
they were broken,
but are so much stronger now.

If people must see my broken wings,
Let them see me FLYING!

I do not fly alone – my international virtual and grassroots team that helps make all this happen includes – AND WE NEED MORE CO-PILOTS – COME AND JOIN US!

  • Meet Jodee Kulp. She jumped on board with Red Shoes in 2014. Some of you know her as she’s been around a long time in the FASD world. She is also a graphic designer and when the idea was birthed her fingers got on the keyboard and created the Red Shoes Rock. Stop FASD campaign. Learn more about what Jodee does besides Red Shoes at PawZup and Better Endings New Beginnings.
  • Meet Samuel Guerrido Sam is a photographer and videographer. He has an upcoming TV show called Gud News in 2015… He is ready to make a big difference in the world of live abilities. (more information to come)
  • Meet Ann Yurcek. Ann joined us in 2016. The Yurceks are Mac’s family and Mac is the little dude that loves red shoes. Ann is filled with ideas and connections to make this grassroots effort fly.  Meet and learn more about Mac at It’s Mackies World.
  • Meet Johan Wiklander. Johan is the founder of RealMindz.com and he really helped us out in 2016 and 2017 in developing the RealPeople.RealMindz.com and RealFamilies.RealMindz.com campaign. Johan is from Sweden. 
  • Meet Yvonne Williams. In 2016 she traveled 900 km across Canada in Red Shoes. In 2017, Yvonne jumped on board with her blog Our Sacred Breath to share fascinating FACTS on FASD. Her 2017 Master list is here.


For Mac’s sake – Join RED SHOE ROCKS with your friends – Together we are unstoppable!

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