DID YOU FIND A RED SHOE ROCK? Awesome. Hidden in your local community are many individuals who were exposed to alcohol before they were born. Infact, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) is the leading cause of intellectual and other lifetime disabilities.

We are an international volunteer grassroots movement that values persons who have FASD. We offer opportunities to create natural conversations about FASD and embrace those who were exposed in-utero. Begun in 2013, we build momentum for awareness of FASD and increase participation of FASDay International Celebrations on September 9.

Will you join us?
7th Anniversary of Red Shoes Rock FASD Aware – 2020


Help us ask new questions,
so we can discover new answers.
Yes, we are

“Hidden in the Open” – Email us

Red Shoes start conversations,
it is just something about red shoes.
– Yvonne Williams

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Where are we now?

Year 7 we continue to work together internationally with volunteers in the spirit of love and fun. We share the latest research, best current projects and effective programs to empower persons with FASD.

Why do you use Red Shoes?

What has been accomplished in 7 years with Red Shoes Rock? Our awareness campaign expanded from 30 days to 99 days in a handful of countries to 15.6 Million People, 73 languages and 113 countries in 2020. Our 9 year old spokesperson, Mac, says, “That is NOT ENOUGH!!!!! I want the whole world to know about this!”

Discover our Favorite Pioneers of FASD it was their hard work got us where we are today. Let us not lose site of what they discovered to help our journey today.

Who is behind the scenes?

What are your plans for the future? A 90 minute documentary. Embraced is a film in the making to give kids in-utero a voice—stop drinking alcohol during pregnancy! Please help fund this project to prevent another child from losing out on their full potential in life?

What else can I do to help

Paint some rocks, hide them in the open and share the truth about FASD in your community.

Where do we go from here?

Join us. SHARE YOUR STORY with the world

Follow our blog – and SHARE!

Help us ask new questions, so we can discover new answers.


5 thoughts on “You found us!

  1. Hi!! I would love to advertise this list of Pioneers on social media coming up to FASD Awareness Day but notice it is not quite up to date. Is there any possibility it could be updated please? Will understand totally if this isn’t possible…I realise there may be other more pressing issues that need attending to! Thanks!


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