Will you join us?
7th Anniversary of Red Shoes Rock FASD Aware – 2020

Yes you can click and use this artwork FREE – Special shout out thank you to Jeff Post for the #StarttheConversation slogan – Red Shoes Rock Loves This!


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Where are we now?

We will continue to have fun and share the latest research, projects and programs empowering persons with FASD. May we use this research and information, along with the knowledge of the past to move forward for the next generation. Some common questions – Why Red Shoes?

Around the World in 99 Days

Red Shoes start conversations, it is just something about red shoes.
– Yvonne Williams

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Mac says 15.6 Million People, 73 languages
and 113 countries is NOT ENOUGH!!!!!

RedShoesRock-Together-Bumper-Sticker-Banner-2017RedShoesRock-Banner-4- World-WE-WALK

Mac needs you to help the
WHOLE WORLD TO KNOW ABOUT FETAL ALCOHOL Bring him into your local Red Shoe Rock community.

We are a grassroots movement to build understanding of FASD and increase participation of FASDay International Celebrations on September 9.

Click Here to Discover our Favorite Pioneers of FASD

Their hard work got us where we are today.
Let us not lose site of what they discovered to help our journey today.

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We launched Furry: The Little Penguins That Could

Designed to empower friendships, acceptance and inclusion for children. Watch for our FREE
curriculum and shared reading program for educators and families of children 3 to 8 years old.
Furry is the Gold recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Awards

Furry and Mac stepped out with our Bully Prevention Campaign

  • Red Shoes Rock and Welch’s supplied some great and fun to make non-alcoholic holiday recipes
  • Red Shoes Rock initiated the beginning of the “Our Choice” standing together to support people operating machinery, driving or carrying our future.
  • We helped support the first Red Shoe Rock micro-business  (details to be revealed in 2019)

Where do we need to go?

Let’s ask the questions, so we can discover new answers.

Join us.
Or if you have someone special you
want to share with the world, let us know who.

6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi!! I would love to advertise this list of Pioneers on social media coming up to FASD Awareness Day but notice it is not quite up to date. Is there any possibility it could be updated please? Will understand totally if this isn’t possible…I realise there may be other more pressing issues that need attending to! Thanks!


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